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Cosmetic spray classification

Cosmetic spray is divided into four types: moisturizing type, aromatic type, whitening type and sunscreen type

1. Moisturizing type

Moisturizing spray is the most common spray. They are generally composed of natural mineral springs or hot spring water, and contain a lot of minerals and trace elements. In addition to moisturizing the skin anytime and anywhere, the moisturizing spray can also adjust the skin's water and oil balance, relieve skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin's natural protective function.

When used, it can be sprayed directly on the face after cleansing in the morning and evening to further improve the cleansing steps. It can be used at any time, especially when the summer weather is hot and the skin feels hot and uncomfortable, lightly spray it to feel refreshed and refreshed immediately.

How to use: Spray directly on the face, no need to pat dry and press dry to make the make-up more bright and refreshing and comfortable. White-collar workers who often work in air-conditioned rooms have better results after skin treatment, stabbing the skin during shaving, skin redness, itching and discomfort, and sunburn in summer.

Effectiveness: When used as a toner, it can regulate the physiological functions of the skin for a long time, improve the skin's dehydration condition, and keep the skin in its best condition. Spray one foot away on the face, even if it replenishes and locks in water, it can also be used for cleansing purposes. Spraying after makeup can help the makeup last longer.

Efficacy: Quickly replenish skin moisture, soothe sensitive skin, relieve itching, antibacterial and anti-oxidant.
2. Aromatic

In addition to the basic moisturizing function, the aroma spray can also be used as a fragrance for the whole body. After spraying, there is no slight sticky feeling of general perfume at all, and it is easily absorbed by the skin. After spraying, it feels cool and has a pleasant scent. It can also relieve the pressure on the skin, make the skin more elastic, and make the makeup more compact.

When used, it can be sprayed on the face and body before going out on the street, or it can be carried with you, and sprayed on the face when needed, so that you can feel the fragrance and refresh your spirits.

Some aromatic sprays also contain essential oil ingredients, which further relieves our mental stress and regulates the state of the skin when using it. There are also products such as oral fragrance spray.

3. Whitening type

It contains rich vitamin C, which can play a powerful whitening effect. When it is made into a spray form, it can be used as a lotion to replenish moisture at any time while whitening, to compensate for the damage to the skin from the sun, and to avoid the secondary pollution of ordinary whitening products.

How to use: After cleansing in the morning and evening, or whenever necessary (including before/after makeup), spray the moisturizing spray on the face and neck.
4. Sunscreen type

Sunscreen spray is a new and convenient sunscreen product. In addition to traditional sunscreen products, carrying one with you can make up for the problem of being unable to reapply sunscreen for a long time outdoors. At the same time, it does not have the greasy troubles of general sunscreen products, refreshing and natural.

In addition to spraying on the whole body and face, if you find that your hair is yellow or dry, you can also apply sunscreen spray directly on your hair to help your hair achieve the goal of sun protection.