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How to realize the anti-pollution design of cosmetic pumps

In the beauty industry, the anti-pollution design of cosmetic pumps is one of the key factors to ensure product quality and user experience.
Double-layer sealing structure
One of the core features of the anti-pollution design is the double-layer sealing structure. This design not only protects cosmetics from external environmental contamination, but also effectively isolates the media inside and outside the pump system. The outer seal is usually made of soft and highly elastic material, such as rubber or silicone, and can fit tightly around the bottle mouth around the pump head to prevent the entry of external air, bacteria or dust. The inner seal is located inside the pump system to prevent the ingredients in the cosmetics from leaking.
Air contactless design
To avoid the possibility of air contacting cosmetics, some advanced cosmetic pumps adopt air-contactless designs. This design uses a pneumatic device to prevent external air from entering the pump system while the liquid in the pump system is being pumped out. This effectively reduces the risk of cosmetics being oxidized by external air, maintaining the freshness of the product and the stability of the active ingredients.
Anti-flip structure
In the anti-pollution design, the anti-inversion structure also plays an important role. This design, through a special pump head structure, allows the cosmetic pump to automatically close or block the flow of liquid under abnormal use conditions, such as when it is inverted, to prevent cosmetics from leaking. This not only improves the safety of product use, but also prevents problems caused by external contamination due to inversion.
ultra particulate filter
Some advanced cosmetic pump designs are also equipped with ultrafine filters to filter out tiny particles and impurities in cosmetics. This filter is usually made of fine polymer or metal materials, which can effectively block microorganisms, dust and other tiny particles, ensuring the purity of cosmetics when flowing through the pump system.
Selection of corrosion-resistant materials
In anti-pollution design, material selection is also a crucial part. The sealing part of the pump usually uses corrosion-resistant materials to prevent cosmetic ingredients from corroding the pump structure. The selection of corrosion-resistant materials helps prevent adverse reactions when cosmetics come into contact with the pump, ensuring product quality and safety.
Light touch pump head design
In order to minimize direct contact between the user and the pump head, some cosmetic pumps adopt a light-touch design. This kind of pump head is usually equipped with a sensor, which can activate the pump system with just a light touch, avoiding the risk of bacterial transmission that may be caused by finger contact with the pump head, and improving the hygiene standards of the product.
High-precision assembly process
The anti-contamination design requires high-precision assembly processes to ensure that all parts of the pump system fit together perfectly. Through high-precision assembly, the gap between the pump head and the bottle mouth can be reduced to prevent bacteria and contaminants from entering. This also provides an extra layer of security to the product.