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Humanized cosmetic pump head

Along with product quality, cosmetic brands should also focus on product packaging nozzles. More brands are looking for a unique style variation of hard plastic sprinklers. Facial scrubs, roll-on eye creams, waxes, anti-fat lotions, etc. are some of the products available from convenient and convenient packaging applicators. Cosmetic pump head. Cosmetic spray nozzles are clearly an important factor in the brand's success, as it is a hallmark of many personal care brands.
Slimming Cream's new body wrap line leverages its expertise in personal care packaging solutions in packaging design to create custom application systems that are more convenient for consumers.
The jelly-like substance is spread across the skin by ergonomically designed rollers, rolls gently, massages the part of the body you want to moisturize and fully penetrates the surface of the skin. This complex construction applicator is very demanding in production and must be very precise to meet the demands of this high level of practicality and high quality graphics.

This unique applicator head releases the gel as it massages the skin. At the same time, having an effective sealing method can extend the shelf life of the product.

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