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Learn the basics of lotion pumps

manufacturing process
The lotion pump is the main tool for taking out the contents in the cosmetic container. It is a kind of liquid distribution that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the liquid in the bottle by pressing and replenish the external atmosphere into the bottle. device.
 1. Structural components
The conventional lotion head is often composed of accessories such as pressing mouth/pressing head, upper pump column, lock cover, gasket, bottle cap, pump stopper, lower pump column, spring, pump body, glass ball, straw and so on. According to the structural design requirements of different pumps, the relevant accessories will be different, but the principle and the final purpose are the same, that is, to effectively remove the contents.
2. Production process
Most of the parts of the pump head are mainly made of PE, PP, LDPE and other plastic materials, and are molded by injection molding. Among them, glass beads, springs, gaskets and other accessories are generally purchased from outside. The main components of the pump head can be applied to electroplating, anodized aluminum cover, spraying, injection molding color, etc. Graphics and texts can be printed on the nozzle surface of the pump head and the surface of the braces, and can be processed by printing processes such as bronzing/silver, silk screen printing, and pad printing.
product structure
1. Product classification
Regular diameter: Ф18, Ф20, Ф22, Ф24, Ф28, Ф 33, Ф38, etc.
According to the lock head: guide block lock head, thread lock head, clip lock head, no lock head
According to the structure: external spring pump, plastic spring, anti-water emulsion pump, high viscosity material pump
According to the pumping method: vacuum bottle and straw type
By pump volume: 0.15/ 0.2cc, 0.5/ 0.7cc, 1.0/2.0cc, 3.5cc, 5.0cc, 10cc and above

 2. Working principle
Manually press down the dynamic pressure handle, the volume in the spring chamber decreases, the pressure increases, the liquid enters the nozzle chamber through the hole of the valve core, and then the liquid is sprayed out through the nozzle, then release the pressure handle, and the pressure in the spring chamber The volume increases to form negative pressure, the ball opens under the action of negative pressure, and the liquid in the bottle enters the spring cavity. At this time, there is a certain amount of liquid in the valve body. When the handle is pressed again, the liquid stored in the valve body will be Punch up and spray out through the nozzle.
3. Performance indicators
The main performance indicators of the pump: air pressure times, pump output, down pressure, push head opening torque, rebound speed, water intake index, etc.
4. The difference between internal spring and external spring
The external spring, which does not touch the contents, will not contaminate the contents due to the embroidery of the spring.
The pump head is widely used in the cosmetics industry, and has applications in the fields of skin care, body care, and perfume, such as shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, essence, sunscreen lotion, BB cream, liquid foundation, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer and other product categories have applications.

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