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What are the characteristics of the design of the bottom structure of the pump body

The bottom structure of the pump body is an important part of the cosmetic pump, which is directly related to the stability, cleanliness, liquid circulation and user experience of the product.
The structure of the connection container
The bottom of the pump body is directly connected to the cosmetic container, so the design of the connection part is crucial. Common connection methods include threaded connections, twist connections and snap connections. These designs need to ensure tightness to prevent liquid leakage while making it easy for users to twist or press to open the container.
Liquid flow channel
The bottom structure includes a liquid circulation channel, which is responsible for guiding the liquid at the bottom of the container into the pump body. The design of this channel needs to ensure smooth flow, reduce residue, and prevent product waste. The shape and size of the channels usually depend on the viscosity and flow properties of the product.
Cleaning and hygiene performance
The design of the bottom structure of some pump bodies takes into account the convenience of user cleaning. For example, some products allow users to disassemble the bottom structure for better cleaning and sanitation. This is especially important for reusable products.
Measures to prevent oxidation
The bottom structure may take some measures to prevent oxygen from entering the pump body and slow down the oxidation process of the product. This helps extend the shelf life of the product.
Device for adjusting the amount of spray liquid
The bottom of some pump bodies is designed with an adjustable spray volume device to meet the user's needs for different dosages. This is usually adjusted via a knob or button, increasing the product's flexibility.
Antioxidant treatment
For some products that are susceptible to oxidation, the metal part of the bottom structure may undergo special anti-oxidation treatment to reduce the risk of oxidation.
Minimization of liquid residue
The design of the bottom structure should also take into account how to minimize liquid residue. This includes the shape of the channel and the design of liquid guidance to ensure that product can be fully pushed out and reduce waste.