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What impact does structural design have on lotion pumps

Structural design has an important impact on the performance, reliability and service life of the lotion pump.
Internal mechanical structure: A lotion pump usually includes internal mechanical components such as pistons, springs, seals, etc. Designing the shape, size and interaction of these components is the key to ensuring that the lotion pump pumps liquid properly. Reasonable internal mechanical structure design can reduce the wear of parts and friction during pumping, thereby improving the efficiency and service life of the product.
External appearance design: The appearance design is not only related to the aesthetics of the lotion pump, but also directly affects the user experience. Reasonable appearance design can improve the ease of use of the product and ensure that users feel comfortable when using it. For example, designing an ergonomic handle allows users to press easily.
Durable Material Selection: Structural design needs to consider the materials used to ensure their strength, wear resistance and chemical resistance. For example, internal pistons and seals may require wear-resistant engineering plastics or reinforced materials to withstand frequent friction and fluid flow.
Leak-proof design: Since the lotion pump is mainly used for dispensing liquids such as skin care products, the leak-proof design is crucial. Structural design should consider how to effectively seal to prevent liquid leakage when not in use. This may include special sealing structures or valve designs to ensure a tight seal when required.
Pressing force and sensitivity: Structural design needs to consider the user's pressing force and sensitivity to ensure that the product can release liquid conveniently and quickly during use. Reasonable design can reduce the user's pressing force, reduce the burden of use, and ensure that the user can easily control the dispensing of liquid.
Easy-to-clean design: The structural design should consider the easy-to-cleanability of the product so that users can easily clean and replace it when using a variety of skin care products. Simplified structure and removable parts help avoid liquid residue and bacterial growth.
Durability and anti-aging design: Structural design needs to consider the durability and anti-aging performance of the product to ensure that the lotion pump can maintain stable performance during long-term use. This may involve considerations such as the material's anti-UV properties and anti-oxidation properties.
Safety design: Structural design needs to consider the safety of the product, especially when the product is used for children or special groups. Proper design should prevent accidental spillage, misuse, or other potential safety risks.