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What is the function of the lotion pump sealing ring

The sealing ring design of lotion pump plays a key role in its technical principle and is mainly used to prevent liquid leakage and the entry of external air.
Location and function:
The sealing ring is usually designed in the pump head structure of the Lotion Pump, located between the piston and the pump head or at the bottom of the piston. Its main function is to provide an effective seal when the piston moves to ensure that liquid only passes when being dispensed and prevents leakage or external contamination when not in use.
material selection:
The material selection of the sealing ring is very critical as it needs to be resistant to corrosion, chemicals and wear. Usually, these sealing rings are made of rubber, silicone or other elastic materials to ensure that they maintain their sealing properties over a long period of use.
Flexibility and durability:
The sealing ring needs to have a certain degree of elasticity to adapt to different pumping pressures and frequencies. At the same time, the sealing ring also needs to have good durability and be able to withstand multiple uses without losing its elasticity and sealing performance.
Design shape:
The design shape of the sealing ring is crucial to its sealing performance. Some common designs include O-rings, conical seals, etc. The shape of the sealing ring should take into account the fit with the piston or pump head to ensure that it can always provide effective sealing during movement.
To prevent air from entering:
In addition to preventing liquid leakage, the sealing ring must also be designed to be tight enough to prevent outside air from entering the Lotion Pump container. This is especially important for some cosmetic ingredients that are easily oxidized to prevent product deterioration.
Consider chemical compatibility:
The sealing ring must be compatible with the chemical ingredients of the cosmetic or personal care product. This means that the material of the sealing ring needs to be resistant to possible reactions with cosmetic ingredients to ensure product stability and safety.
Temperature stability:
Since the Lotion Pump may be used in a variety of environmental conditions, the material of the sealing ring needs to have good temperature stability to ensure that it can still effectively provide sealing in high or low temperature environments.