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What is the purpose of lotion pump?

The purpose of a lotion pump is to dispense a controlled amount of lotion or liquid product with ease and convenience. Lotion pumps typically consist of a plastic or metal pump mechanism attached to a plastic or glass bottle or container.
When the pump is pressed down, it creates a vacuum that draws the lotion or liquid up through a tube and out through the dispenser nozzle. This allows the user to apply a specific amount of product to their skin without having to pour or squeeze it out manually.
Lotion pumps are commonly used for personal care products such as hand lotion, body lotion, sunscreen, and liquid soap. They can also be found in household cleaning products, hair care products, and other liquid-based products. The use of a lotion pump ensures that the product stays fresh and hygienic by preventing contamination and air exposure, making it a convenient and practical packaging solution for many products.

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