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How to choose a water mist nozzle?

1. How to see the water through water mist spray: The water outlet method of the water mist nozzle will directly affect the entire bathing experience. Compared with the previous traditional, strong beam type nozzles, the newly launched five-stage massage nozzles are more popular. The five sections are divided into strong, gentle, moderate, mixed and other modes, and can also be sprayed by massage, fine crushing, rotation, etc., so that the body can get a good relaxation.
2. Look at the self-cleaning effect: For old-fashioned nozzles, most of the water outlet holes are hidden inside, and the shower nozzles launched now will expose the water outlet. Because of this, considering the characteristics of water quality in the north, the outlet holes are easier to clean, and it is not easy to generate scale, and it is more convenient to take a bath, making the water outlet more natural.

3. Look at the spray effect of water mist spray: You can't see any clues just by looking at the appearance of the water mist nozzle. The specific spray effect depends on the actual effect. A good-quality shower head can ensure that the water from each small nozzle is uniform, so as to ensure a smooth bathing effect. Therefore, a water test can be carried out when selecting.
4. Look at the water-saving function: when consumers of water mist nozzles choose shower nozzles, the issue of water saving is naturally mentioned by them. The new nozzle uses new technology, which not only saves water, but also does not affect the comfort of bathing. In general, a properly designed shower nozzle saves 50% of water than ordinary shower nozzles.
The above is the introduction of how to choose the water mist nozzle. I believe that everyone has some understanding of the above, and I hope it will be useful to everyone.