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Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept

Vacuum pump can be said to be a common and commonly used type of pump among many pump products. It is a device that improves, generates and maintains vacuum through mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods in a certain enclosed space. It has a wide range of applications in metallurgy, chemical, food, electronic coating and other industries.
The main feature of the vacuum pump is that it can form a vacuum, which can be seen from its name. This is what ordinary pumps cannot do, and this is the main difference between the two. The vacuum pump rotates in the chamber by means of a rotating wheel. The chamber is filled with fluid, and the volume of the remaining cavities will change periodically under the effect of the periodic volume change of the fluid, so as to discharge and inhale the gas in the suction pipe.

The bottle body is designed with vacuum pump. What is a vacuum bottle? Vacuum bottle is a kind of container that uses vacuum negative pressure principle to isolate gas from external temperature and bacteria by improving fine sealing of packaging materials. It provides a safe packaging container for the product, which can effectively reduce the oxidation rate of the product and effectively extend the effective life of the product.
Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept. In order to better maintain the activity of active ingredients, more and more brands apply vacuum packaging materials. Many skin care products contain water, oil, amino acids, proteins and other substances, which are afraid of dust and bacteria and are easy to be polluted. At this time, the advantages of vacuum bottles are obvious compared with open bottles that need to contact air frequently.