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What are the characteristics of the pump head design of an external lotion pump

The design of the pump head of an external lotion pump is a critical component of the complete equipment, which directly affects the performance, use experience and product hygiene of the pump.
Fabric selection:
The cloth choice of the pump head is very essential. It is normally fabricated from corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant materials, which includes plastic (consisting of PP, PE, PET), steel (such as chrome steel), rubber or silicone.
The chemical composition and pH of the product want to be taken into consideration whilst deciding on substances to ensure the steadiness of the pump head for the duration of lengthy-time period use.
Button layout:
The working buttons are the principle part of the user's interaction with the pump. The button design should be ergonomic, smooth to press, and flexible enough to make certain a great person enjoy.
Some designs additionally allow for anti-accidental functions to keep away from inadvertent pumping of liquids.
Sealing overall performance:
The sealing performance of the pump head is the key to preventing leakage. Designers regularly use rubber gaskets or seals to make sure that fluid leaks do now not arise when pumping fluids.
This belongings is important for the maintenance of liquid merchandise, prevention of external bacterial infection, and user enjoy.
Dosage manage mechanism:
Some pump head designs allow the dosage of liquid to be adjusted to satisfy the needs of different users or extraordinary merchandise. This is typically carried out by turning or twisting a button.
The design of the dose control mechanism needs to make sure that accuracy and stability are maintained while adjusting the dose.
Valve gadget:
The pump head is normally prepared with a valve gadget to manipulate the glide course of the liquid. This guarantees that liquid flows out well when pumping and does no longer returned up when not in use.
Valve layout have to take fluid mechanics into consideration to make sure easy waft of liquid.
Neck tube connection:
The connection among the pump head and the neck of the field typically adopts a thread or click design to make sure a good seal and prevent outside air from entering the container and affecting the upkeep of the liquid.
This connection layout also allows simplify product substitute and renovation.
Antioxidant treatment:
Since the pump head is in direct touch with the outside environment, a few pump head designs will use anti-oxidation remedy to prevent the effect of oxidation at the pump head, for this reason extending the service life of the product.